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Schedule a Well-Child Check-Up Today!

Teach your child to take responsibility for their health by scheduling a well-child check up. In your personalized appointment, your doctor will evaluate your child and educate them on important health issues. You and your child will have the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions you may have. Sometimes, a child may feel more comfortable asking a doctor questions, rather than a parent.

Focus on Overall Health, Rather than Illness

Often, a child only sees a doctor when they are sick. A doctor doesn’t have the chance to look at the child’s overall health. The symptoms of a health problem can often be masked by a temporary illness that could be recognized at a well-child check up. A well-child checkup allows the doctor to look at the complete picture and tips to avoid future illness!

Give Your Child a Medical History

In your annual checkup, the doctor can look at the previous years and spot any troubling trends. Some illnesses are so subtle that they can be difficult to spot. Establishing a medical history can solve medical problems later in life. If you move to another city and state, your medical records can transfer, allowing another doctor to better help your child.

Important Information on Vaccinations and Disease

Influenza – Flu vaccines protect the entire family from unnecessary illness that impacts work, school and is very dangerous for small children and elderly members of your family. Don’t be influenced by the myths surrounding flu vaccines. Get educated about the  The Top 10 Flu Myths  and protect your family.

Meningitis – 1 out of 7 kids that get meningitis will die. Many more will have lifetime consequences. It is now required by Texas law that all children entering 7th grade and college must be vaccinated against meningitis. Get the facts on the dangers of meningitis.

Whooping Cough – More than 41,000 cases of pertussis (whooping cough) were reported across the United States during 2012, including 18 deaths. The majority of deaths occur among infants younger than 3 months of age. Protection from the childhood vaccine decreases over time and preteens, teens and adults need to be revaccinated, even if they were vaccinated as children. Learn how to protect your family from the rise of whooping cough.

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